Exercise: Take the Pleasure with the Pain…

Minsan talaga, masarap gawin ang paboritong gawain kasabay ng mahirap gawin…

If only we could buy a six pack abs over the counter or just take a pill to get that weight goal, but sadly this is not possible, well not just yet. Last year craze of beer yoga, wherein you stretch your body in yoga positions while downing your favorite glass of brew, has inspired more people to take on a tedious and exhausting activity such as exercise along with something they love to do such as drinking beer. Why they do these, we assume to ease some pain or in so many ways distract the mind, that indeed yes, you are enjoying this.

We found these videos of old folks, getting ahead in the learning curve. They are true testament to the fact that you cant fool an old fool that wants to just enjoy life so f*ck off.


This oriental daddy-o upgrade his treadmill with a few modifications. These state of the art attachments will let you enjoy the once tiresome running and give you the pleasure of sipping whiskey with pulutan and fresh fruits. Talk about relaxing running experience.

Video: online stupidity

Think only Asians know what their doing, think again. This grandpa wanted some extreme chest muscles but at the same time don’t want to miss on the inuman. Kaya pa kaya nya kung may kasamang pulutan? Cheers!

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