Feeling Blue…Just Go Jiggy…

When that feeling hits you, you just cant stop… stop.

That feeling that creeps down from your head to your toes, a tingling sensation that is hard to resist. It is almost inhuman to deny that beat, that sound, that rhythm and all you just need to do is given in to it’s charm. Just a little tapping of your shoes on the dance floor. A subtle cool way of head bobbing or that non-awkward manner of just swaying your body side to side. Pagbigyan mo ng kaunti, tropa.. kaunting libog pa sa indak.

Welcome to the world of dance, that unassuming talent of… well… moving your body to the tunes of the world.  Unrestrained, unfiltered, and pure, dance can motivate anyone to have fun and unleash the positive within.

We found these videos showing people giving in to the charms of dancing. So, if you’re feeling blue and out of tune… just go jiggy with it.

Age will never be a hindrance to dancing, this dad got his grove on point.

Dancing policemen aint new but this Five-O goes stumping the yard like an OG.

And sometimes, there is no need for music to channel that King of Pop vibe. Cheers!


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