Highlights of Sesh 2: Flammin’ Pizzas Galore!

Another Pulutan Session has ended but before we finally close this chapter of the session lets get some highlights of the parts that made us laugh or totally shookt our world. Here are the highlights of Sesh 2:

The face of REVENGE!!

He’s not crying, but his forehead does!

Too much hot sauce will kill you..


When the HOTTEST HOT SAUCE kicks in – REAPER for the WIN!

Sinapian ni Kris Aquino.. HAHAHA!


Ganito ba mag shake, or GANITO?

Pag kumakain dapat.. PRETTY LANG!

Dea: Kulang sa shake.. PJ: *yeeaaaah* YUN OH!

Galing mag-shake!

Nasobrahan sa shake ayan tumalsik!

GFE! Feel the warmth!

Watch out for session 3, do you have a great idea what we should do? Hit us up in the comments section, you might find yourself doing the challenge with us. Watch the full video! Cheers!

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