Inuman Bedtime Stories: The Hotdog

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In a time so distant away in the past, four friends when home after a night of drinking to their fill. Tired and a bit hungry, the eager cook asked his friends if any of them would want some hotdogs? It was way past dinner and the munchies are really hitting hard. Plus, it would be nice to hit the sack full and snooze away the alcohol.

Photo by: Basta Balkana

The owner of the house says ” Sige, luto ka sa kusina, isa ako.” The cook does a fist pump, and happily asked the rest of the guys. “Ako rin isa” answers the youngest while the last one added ” Ok ako isa din, baka bangungutin ako”.

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The cook went to the kitchen cooked the hotdogs and even fried some bahaw (cold leftover rice) into fried garlic rice. The house smelled gloriously delicious. One could almost hear the excitement from the game room where all the rest was waiting for the small feast that would happen.

Then it was time.

“Hey, guys come on down! Ready na ang chibog, mga chong!” yelled the cook from down the dining area.

The boys came crashing in. Dumbfounded to see a whole pack of hotdogs cooked for what could be a elementary math level, four people equals four hotdogs.

“Bakit mo naman inumbus yung hotdog namin pare?” asked the household owner.

Easy, math! “Dude, isa sayo, isa kay bunsoy, isa kay bro… apat sa akin.” explained the cook. “Di nyo naman tinanong kung ilan yung akin eh.”

“Yung dalawang extra, uwi ko nalang baka mapanis dito sa inyo.”




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