Paano Maging Tunay na Lalaki… (Part 4)

“I don’t think a man has to go around shouting and play-acting to prove he is something. And a real man don’t go around putting other guys down, trampling their feelings in the dirt, making out they’re nothing.” – Joe “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier, Heavy Weight Boxing Champion

We found this list off the web of a compilation of funny, witty and yet very endearing advise all based on the book by Walker Lamond titled “Rules for My Unborn Son”. We got 50 of them and divided it into a 5 part series. Cheers!

31. Don’t throw sand or, when you’re older, mud.

32. Take the stairs.

33. There is never an excuse for stealing someone’s cab.

34. Choose a window seat and enjoy the view.

35. Try a hairstyle that you’ll one day regret. I’ll get over it.

36. When handling a frog, be gentle.

37. There is always something that could use a fresh coat of paint.

38. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and move on.

39. Have a favorite song. It doesn’t have to be hip. (The best ones never are.)

40. Until you are a doctor, never answer your phone at the table. That goes for emails, texts, and tweets.


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