TAKE MY MONEY!!! You won’t believe this guy’s upgrade…

Upgrade your Inuman Starter Kits with this guys amazing product!!!


If you haven’t made your Inuman Starter Kit by now, you can start yours with this kick ass product being sold by this dude. We found this video of a guy doing his sales talk for a portable table/bench/picnic spot/stool, the list goes on and on.

It starts as a metal case made from aluminum then he converts it to a small table. Pretty impressive I say, he even stands on it to show how tough it is, yet we saw that same thing on the first version of the starter kit. Then this guy converts it to a picnic spot for four, table and chairs! BAAAAAM!!! My mind went ballistic! This solves all inuman problems whenever you cant find a good spot pero sa kanto lang pwede kaso walang table and upuan.  Then he converts it to bench, sat on it like he was in Boracay waiting for the sunset and he also dished his idea for our muslim and japanese drinkers out there by transforming it to a low table. AMMMMMAAAZZZING!

Video by: Sarah TV

Alcohol and pulutan not included but this portable table deserves some celebration of sorts. If you find this guy somewhere hit us up on the comments below and tell him he could take my money quick, fast and in a hurry! Cheers!


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