The High VOLTAGE Ejector Bed

This will surely wake the living SH*T out of you!!!

Waking up seems to be harder and harder nowadays and its not surprising. With much of our hours spent going and coming from work battling traffic jams on the daily basis, minsan masarap lang talagang bumawi ng tulog lalo na pagmalamig ang panahon sa madaling araw.

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We do realize that there is work waiting to be done and we need to get out of bed. Fortunately, we just found a video featuring what every “mantika matulog” people needs, The High Voltage Ejector Bed. This state of the art engineering design propels you out of bed with blaring horns and alarms bells, giving you that needed kick in the hinny to start your day. Watch the video and we bet this will wake even the deepest of sleepers on earth. Cheers!

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