Top Worst Ideas for Exchange Gifts

Wag ilabas ang sama ng loob sa regalo…

Since the time you first stepped into school and every time the Jose Marie Chan triggered season hits the airwaves.  You know that exchanging of gifts are bound to happen. Some do it the raffle way, wherein the gifts are numbered and people draw numbers corresponding to the gift they will receive, while others resort to the Monito-Monita, where a designated partner is assigned to you.

In honor of that tradition, allow us to share our list of worst ideas of gifts.

1. Soap or anything to do with personal hygiene – petmalung example: sanitary napkins… kaso sa boy naibigay!

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2. Candles or anything that would add to your Mom’s display figurine collection -scented candle nga, amoy pangpatay naman..

Photo by: Novelty Street

3. Mug – How many assorted mug does a guy need in his life?

Photo by: Etsy

4. Ball Pen Set – Sonamagan, wala na bang iba?

Photo from: Pinterest

5. Face Towel – Pink pa? Sige nga tag ka ng friend mo nagumagamit pa ng face towel instead na handkerchief.

Photo from: Amazon

6. Underwear – One of the worst and creppy.  Much worst kung di kasya.

Photo from: Amazon

7. Sex Toy – Err… Hmmm… should these include batteries?

Photo from: Twitter

8. Deodorant – common, thoughtful but you don’t want to receive these..

Photo by: 7th Well

9. Picture frame – In an age of digital photography, sa daming pictures, di magkakasya…

Photo from: Target

10. Art Figurines – might as well call it paper weight, coz it has no other use for it.

Photo from: Pinterest

11. Cleaning Materials – Oh those little Liquid Sosa are just cute!

Photo by: Eco Cleaning Service

Have other ideas to add this list? Hit us up at the comments below. Cheers!

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