WATCH: Best Husband in the World…REVEALED

Happy Wife…Happy Life… this man nailed this quote big time!!!

Remember the first time you laid eyes on your wife? How the world seemed to go in slo-mo, that gentle pinch deep down your soul, that uncontrollable feeling of smiling at her. You started to stare now, admiring her from a far with weak knees that it seemed you forgot to walk. Truly, love make fools out of all of us, and we dive right in head first into an abyss of bliss. Naks, intro palang yari na…

We found this video of a man motivating his wife to lose weight and it’s out of this world genius! Husbands more than usual would complain about their wife’s shopping spree, and this guy found the missing link to make his wife happy and reward himself with a healthier wife. Total naman magshoshopping naman din talaga si komander, mas mahusay na mag-exercise na din sya para mas madami syang mabiling damit at lahat may pag-asang mag-kasya.

With the wheels gently accelerating, the man hands over cash… car speeds off but the wifey is on a mission… look at her go! We believe that the husband just want to see her wife be as healthy as she was when he first met her. Amazing things happen when you put your heart and money into it. Isa kang alamat at bayani! Cheers!

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