WATCH: Pacquiao Nahirapan sa Laban…

Nahirapan daw si Pambansang Kamao… sabi sa inyo eh, inuman na lang… pihadong babagsak ang kamao sa videoke mic sa dulo.

MBC Entertainment has finally released its second and final part of the guesting of Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao in their mega-hit show, Infinite Challenge. The Fighting Senator from General Santos has to endure six opponents with each having a chance to dance with Filipino Champ for two minutes per round. Clearly, the all smiles Pacman, didnt even use one-tenth of his energy and yet still showcased his quickness, hand speed and footwork.

Get to witness how the eight-time division champion against the likes of Mr. Monkey Punch, Mr. Water Barrel Punch, Snow Crab Boxer, The Punching Bag, Mr. Big and the Human Roly-Poly. It’s going to be a painful one, see who gets it the worst with the video we found below. Cheers!

Video by: Korean Dramaland 한국 드라마

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