Winter Olympics 2018! Drink like a FISH!

Manalo kaya ang PILIPINAS ng gold dito?

Winter Olympics would be held in South Korea soon and since walang snow sa Pinas, mahirap talagang magkaroon ng ginto sa mga competitions na to. But it doesn’t stop us from claiming Pinoy Pride, we can always suggest to the Olympic Committee add more Tropical friendly sports or alter some rules to make it a bit more exciting.

Take for example this video we found. God knows the commentator might be very good but our Russian is amateurish at best and below sub zero at worst. Its a swimming competition people with a twist. Swimmers should down a bottle of vodka first below lining up for the dive. Who swims the fastest wins, but we doubt it would end that way.

And the swimmers are off, first one goes for the dump down the drain technique, chugging up that bottle like he has a fire burning down his throat. The second one goes for the sophisticated shot glass, a bit slow but always fashionable. The next one looks to be the best swimmer but the least drinker, chugging the bottle in between gagging. The last seems to be the veteran drinker, sucking that bottle like it was water in the middle of the desert. Watch the full video, and tell us if you could be potential PILIPINAS’ gold winner if they made this a Winter Olympic Sport. Cheers!

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