Classic Dating Moves, That Works

Patapos na ang taon, bokya ka parin? I-habol mo na to before Valentines, Repa!

Don’t hate the player, hate the game, bro. If until now, you can’t snag a woman for you, I guess it’s time to change your game plan. They say Old School Game has faded and lost its charm but your dead wrong. The reason that we are here today, because our old man did something right and their way was the Old Fashioned way, yes sir, it works.

So take out your pen and paper because young blood, school is on session. Better jot down some notes.

1. The Gentleman Swag – Yes, gents, this means you come in time, go to the door to pick someone up, open the car door or restaurant door and getting her chair before she sits. The little gestures and manners really matter. So read up and use them like a suit of armor.

2. Dress for the Occasion – That Gucci Gang get up may look dope on you, but please sir, leave the ghetto outfit behind for a date. Dress accordingly and respectfully. What you wear should command confidence and respect, it also dictates your motives and aspiration. So throw that do-rag too.

3. Bringing Flowers or Tokens of Affection – Every date is special and the women we date loves feeling of being appreciated. Flowers for most part convey that message so don’t underestimate the power of flowers. Other tokens are food, chocolates, cards..etc.

4. Dancing that is not grinding – The art of seduction is best exemplified through dancing and the best way is slow. Stop cramping like a maniac and hit the dance floor ala James Bond, sleek, suave and with purposely made moves.

5. Be Straightforward and honest of your intentions – Ask a woman to date you and she will be serious to consider you. Ask a woman to hang out and you’re seating in the bullet train to friend zone faster that you can spell b-u-l-l ***t.

6. Writing poems or letters or cards – The pen is mightier the sword and nothing says that you’ve been thinking more about her that a well written letter or poem. You’re not the next Shakespeare? Don’t worry, the mere fact that you tried, whatever you wrote as long as its heartfelt  and true makes it worth the while.

7. Give her your full attention – This means putting away your phone to focus on her. You’re on a date with a woman you want and you screwing your chances just to check that stupid link your friend sent you. It is “all about her” time, so learn to appreciate that you’re blessed by her time. DO NOT WASTE IT!

8. Asking of Permission – Boys nowadays move before asking permission as if they are entitled to everything because they paid for the movie and dinner. That’s a rookie move, bro. Respect her boundaries, consider her body sacred ground. Play with the rules right and you might be permitted to do more than you bargain for.

9. Don’t expect sex after – If it happens, thank your stars. If not, its okay, the name of the game is consistency. Not even Kobe Bryant won all his game, but he was consistent and determined, so should you be lil bro. Always give your best, act professional and aim to please. The woman you may be courting might not like what you offer but if you give your game your best effort then others will notice and may go after you. You are only the best as your last game so give it your all, always.

If you have other old school move you want to be included, hit us at the comments section. Cheers


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