DONT DO IT!!! Things not to do in Japan (#4 and 11 is Too much Pinoy)

It’s okay to be proud in being Pinoy but being too PINOY in Japan might end up getting you’re wagyu, sashimied, if you get what we mean.

When the Japanese Government relaxed its visa regulations for tourist wanting to visit the country of Samurais and Sushi, the Filipinos have flocked in droves wanting to experience the Japanese Cuisine, the cooler weather and the untouched culture of peace and harmony of this oriental country.

With that in mind we found this video of things not to do in Japan that we hope can at least stop us from being too much of a Filipino in the country of the Rising Sun.

  1. Do not eat and drink while walking
  2. Do not use various things with chopsticks
  3. Do not tip
  4. Do not use your phone in public transport
  5. Do not underestimate the importance of calling cards
  6. Do not blow your nose in public
  7. Do not show PDA (Public Display of Affection)
  8. Do not be overly opinionated on things
  9. Do not forget to take off shoes when entering a house
  10. Do not litter
  11. Do not go jaywalking
  12. Do not worry about not knowing proper etiquette in Japan
  13. Do not be late for an appointmet
  14. Do not enter a bath or a hot spring without going to the shower first.

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