Having a Party? These are Essentials…

Planing a party and you don’t know where to start? Here is a checklist to make your petmalu party, Pare!


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Can’t have a party without the proper venue. You must consider the space if it fits the right number of people. Sobrang liit, and it will feel life a sardine can party, too big naman parang nilangaw yung place. Some would also consider the location of the venue, like is it accessible for everyone invited. Accessibility for other party needs is also a plus since during the party some needs may be easily answered. Masarap mag-out of town but be aware of all your needs and what ifs. Murphy’s Law is always in effect.


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What’s a party without food? For some, it’s the be all and end all of the party, so having it is a must. It doesn’t mean you have to serve Michelin Star gourmet food, as long as it tastes good and is enough for everyone to share, swak na yun tropa. Pika-pika, pulutan man o lutong bahay walang problema yan. It’s also important to consider if you’re going to go potluck or order in the food. Potlucks are fun, lalo na kung we share family heirloom recipes but for a those that wants a less hassle alternative, get that phone and order in early. It’s a month of successive parties and you want to secure that order fast and efficiently. Sa tequila lang bagay ang asin pare, hinde sa kanin.


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Let’s add some spice to the party, shall we? Mahirap naman na magtinginan lang. From King’s Cup, to Beer Pong to Videoke, there are a lot of activities and games to play and do to enjoy everyone’s company.  These activities will allow you to entertain your guests while you welcome new comers or take care of other parts of the party.  Some are easy to set up and others need a few more prep-time but know that this will make your party even more memorable. Yakang yaka mo to, brad!


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A lil Tugz Tugz would not hurt. The music of your party will set up the mood. You may invite your friendly DJ to hook you up with some entertainment or if handy playlist on Spotify with speakers scattered the venue. If your group is musically inclined, then why don’t you rent a band set and jam to much loved music by yourselves. Transform into your inner Rock God, pare and let the good times roll.


Yes, sir! We just came here for the booze. Beer is the standard and lots of it please. When deciding how many to buy, statistically a person can consume a minimum of 6 bottles of beer, but you may opt to buy more if you plan to play beer games such as beer pong or do use beer bongs as these will complete annihilate your stash faster than humping bunnies on steroids. If the hard drinks are the poison of choice, a conservative three bottles per spirit is ideal depending on the size of the crowd. Favorites are the Gentlemen of the Bar (Jack, Johnnie, Jim and Jose) but you may also want some easy mixers like Rhum and Gin. Speaking of mixers, fruit juices, ice cubes are a must. The worst parties are dry parties. So, let it rip, and let the alcohol flow.

There you have it, your party essentials to have that awesome revelry! Hit us up in the comments below and tell us your thoughts or share that party story. Cheers!


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