Heartbroken Cures this Valentines

Ano naman ngayon kung single ka? Doooo ettt!

There’s a misconception that being single on Valentine’s Day is such a bad thing, it’s an automatic “awww, kawawa ka naman” factor but it shouldn’t be. We gathered a list of things you could do and advantages of being single during this day of hearts. Stop mopping around like a puppy who didn’t get adopted and start reading through the list. Cheers!

1. Start something NEW, a movement, a cause, a hobby or just plain improvement of yourself like going to the gym. or reading a new book. The gym would be empty and the library quite.

2. Watch a movie marathon of a celebrity crush and have a feast. Best part you can have your most favorite junk foods to yourself.

3. Date a Friend, something in the terms of “if we’re still single by age…”

4. Go to the stand up comedy show, laugh your heart out.

5. Cook a new recipe, invent a new cocktail. It would be useful for next year.

6. Date your parents or grandparents. Its the best time to spend time with them and show some pure love for those who truly loves you.

7. Throw a singles on party or attend one. Its nothing new. But you might just snag a keeper.

8. Pamper yourself with Spa and Shopping

9. Babysit for a couple who needs a night out.

10. Hit those #travelgoals or just plain go for a long drive.

11. Fake your way through couple deals with a friend.

12. Go out and hit the clubs, booze is always a great date..

13. Sleep, surely you wanted to have that long sleep with no distractions.

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