KILIG GAME: Yes. No. Yes

Bokya pa din kay crush? Gawin tong ng magkaalaman na!

This game is a classic and we have no idea of it’s origin or who started it. Let’s just say that it has been successful, so far, but the actual beauty of it is it uni-sexual, both young blokes and sheilas can do this game. We do have to disclaim that you do need at least a small chance with the boy or girl you like before doing this stunt. I personally have done this to new acquaintances, and when properly done we hope it would works like a charm like it has for us these so many years.

The objectives of the game are:

  1. Get you away of the friend zone
  2. Get her/him to notice you as a possible relationship
  3. Allow for some moment of intimacy
  4. IF the feeling is mutual, seal the deal
  5. At least have that first kiss, if your lucky

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