Last Minute Tipid Tips: Valentines

Pagtinanong ka ni Bae kung binasa mo to, wag kang aamin!


Kaway kaway sa mga wallet na magda-diet na naman dahil sa dadating na gastusan ngayong Valentines day. Of all the days of the year, except Christmas, ito ang pinaka magastos mapa-single man at lalo na kung may kasama kang “forever” DAW.

Here are our tipid tips to lessen the damage and impact on your beer allowance, keep faith people.

1. Schedule your date on a Leap Year. Set your V-day date on the 15th onward, this is law of supply and demand, the higher the demand the higher the prices. If you can somehow convince your bae to celebrate valentines on the 29th, then by all means share us how!

2. Give Combo Gifts. A bouquet of chocolate flowers, why not? combining two things into one will make you spend less, if you could combine more than two things, astig yun chong!

3. Put that Gift into Writing. They say paper and pen is an old fashioned gift idea that died a long time ago. Kung bigyan ka ng blank check ni bae, ayaw mo pa? Kidding aside, the art of prose and poetry will never die, not only its deep down personal, it gives off a lasting impression no store bought item can, unless youre willing to go for a diamond ring. Patay tayo dyan, big spender!

4. Book that Stay-cation. With restaurant lines looking more like traffic lanes and other “establishments” over flowing with people (wink, wink), its best to book that stay-cation for valentines. Spend the day in the comfort of a resort or hotel and burn that romance til the wee hours.

5. Cook that Love Food. The easiest way to the heart is the stomach and nothing speaks louder of love that a bae with a full stomach. Cook that favorite specialty meal, spiked with your favorite alcohol. Not only will you save on resto bill, the love bed is just a few steps away.

6. Be the BIGGEST A-Hole. Go call your bae and set a cool off period. Ibang klase ka din repa, gusto mo ng lovelife pero allergic ka sa gastos. Maging single ka na lang sana, panghabang buhay. Ayan sige, mahalin mo bank account mo, wala din forever dyan.

Valentines is just a day other normal day, don’t get pressure to burn your savings just to have a good time. What’s important is that you guys enjoy the moment and company of each other, come to think of it, love should be expressed on a daily basis not only on this holiday, lalo na’t hinde ito official holiday. Cheers!

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