Make that First Move: Yes NO Yes

The game finally revealed… Class is in session!

Thank you for your patience. The game is simple and needs two things: guts and confidence. Without these, you might as well slap your own face. Well, not really, this game is fun but will have a better chance of succeeding if you gutsy enough to try it and confident enough to control your nerves. A few practice rounds with a platonic sheila (female friend) would give you a positive feedback to improve your delivery, just make sure wag masyadong galingan, baka mahulog ang di dapat mahulog. Patay tayo dyan.

1. Ask her/him if it she/he would love to play a little cute game with you. Be enthusiastic about it.

2. Tell her/him that the rules are simple. All they need to answer three set of questions with: Yes. No. Yes and only in that order. And they need to keep eye contact.

3. Show your left hand. Ask (in your most seductive voice) Alam mo ba kung ano ito? Yes, syempre yung answer. Alam mo ba kung anong pwedeng kong gawin dito? Syempre, No ang answer. Gusto mo bang makita? Yes ang last na sagot.

4. Brush her/his hair from the bangs till the left ear side. DO NOT BREAK EYE CONTACT, smile or a wink will add some flair!

5. Show your right hand. Do the same questions. But this time, brush her/his hair from bangs to the right ear side.

6. Now the finale. Hold both her/his hands. Point a finger to your lips, again in your most seductive voice, ask her/him the questions. This is critical do not break eye contact. By this time, you will feel if her/his hand is sweaty or it might be yours but this will aid you on your next more.

7. Then GO for the 90% move. This move is popularized by the movie Hitch. Pagdating sa point na to, you should have decided or she/he will decide for you. If after 3 seconds nothing happen, go kiss her/his forehead.

Alas, a small victory but the odds are win-win. The burning real question here is what if she/he goes for it. A reward worth risking for and another reason my friend to drink and celebrate. Cheers!

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