Paano Maging Tunay na Lalaki… (Part 5)


“Ang tipo kong lalake, ang tipo kong lalake, ang tipo kong lalake. Yung medyo bastos, maginoo pero medyo bastos, maginoo. Pero medyo bastos, maginoo pero medyo bastos, maginoo pero medyo bastos.” – Ang Tipo kong Lalaki by DJ Alvaro, singer and song writer

We found this list off the web of a compilation of funny, witty and yet very endearing advise all based on the book by Walker Lamond titled “Rules for My Unborn Son”. We got 50 of them and divided it into a 5 part series. Cheers!

41. If you get yourself arrested, call me. You get one free pass.

42. Help a buddy move.

43. Don’t panic.

44. If you ignore history, it will ignore you.

45. There is rarely a need to raise your voice. At the ballgame is one exception.

46. Never hog a microphone.

47. Keep your word.

48. Send postcards.

49. Respect fire.

50. Don’t litter. Ever.


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