Prolonging the Party: Tips to Stay Sober Longer

What to do during the drinking spree to weather the alcohol better.

So February na naman. And as usual, para sa mga single, bitter, pinaasa, niloko, iniwan, inagawan, at nawalan, kabila at kanan ang mga casual drinking invitations that usually transitions into the liver-murdering night-long tagayan sessions with matching mala-Liza Soberano’s “Pangit ba ako? Kapalit-palit ba ako?” dramatics.

Since chance niyo na ‘tong magemote na walang pumipigil dahil season na nga ng mga lovers at mga loveless, what should you do to prolong the inuman bonding and to avoid getting too drunk too early? Check out the list below:

1. Eat. This applies to both before and while drinking. Food rich in fat and protein pads your stomach and soaks up alcohol so it doesn’t quickly gets you drunk. It also gives you enough energy to last you the night. Just make sure you don’t get too full or you’re going to feel heavier and more likely to hurl. Kumain ng tama beforehand and make sure na may kinakain ka rin habang tumutoma.


2. Space your drinks. Leave a couple of minutes between shots or glasses, preferably twenty minutes, to better gauge how drunk you are. Alcohol’s effects move slowly and, often, you end up more intoxicated than you expect. Most of the time, we don’t know just how drunk we are until it’s too late. Kaya wag naman magshot lang nang magshot, mga bes. Keep count of your drinks din.


3. Drink warm water in between drinks. Hydration is a crucial step when there’s alcohol involved. Not only does the water replace the fluids you lost through urination but it also flushes out the toxins in your body AND it helps lessen the impact of a hangover. Kaya always keep that glass of water handy!


4. Opt to drink from a straight-sided glass if possible. Its straight sides make it easier for you to be aware of how much alcohol you are ingesting so you can stop if you notice na napaparami na ang naiinom mo. Remember, avoid using curved glasses if you want to watch your alcohol intake closely.

Image: Let’s Grab a Beer

5. Choose your drinks wisely. Kung nararamdaman mo na ang effects ng mga tagay mo. Slow down, bes. Alternate alcoholics with non-alcoholics every once in a while. . Water and fruit juice is highly recommended instead of gulping down artificial sweetened drinks. Not only does it slow down your alcohol consumption, it also give you a chance to rehydrate while still drinking along kasama ng tropa.


So there. If you do not want to miss out and catch up with everyone’s stories, I hope these tips will help you get through the very end of the drinking spree. Eat, drink, and enjoy! *cheers*

By: Kat Cabasan

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