Saan ang Date natin, Loverboy???

Dun tayo sa madilim, malamig at madaming humihiyaw…

Valentines is just around the corner and our hope is everyone would spend it with your special someone. To help you out with this annual affair, we compiled a list to go to make that day extra special. We will not endorse any particular place but we will be very general on the places we will suggest. Lets start!

1. Restaurant – always the go-to place for lovers, may it be a special lunch or a romantic dinner. Just book in advance if its fancy resto and if your partner loves food the way he/she loves you, then we suggest to book a buffet instead. Para solb, parekoy!


2. Park – the Luneta Park is a go-to place for lovers that want to stroll. If you’re far away from Manila, then your neighborhood park or town plaza will do. Have a picnic, relax ala Nothing Hill and just relax. Low budget? Ito afford mo!


3. Mall – Malls in the Philippines are so big, its almost a living organism. They almost have it all, restos, movie halls, parks and gaming areas. There are plenty to do and things to eat and discover. But we wary, malls are also pocket death traps, so prepare enough money kasi baka hinde date kundi shopping spree ang gawin nyo.

Source: The Gloss

4. Cold Weather Destinations – Anywhere that is elevated, has cold weather and offers a kickass view. For us here in Manila, its Antipolo, Tagaytay and Baguio, but we are sure other parts of the country offer more even better options. Release the animal in you sa gubat, para walang istorbo!

Source: Jewel Clicks

5. Theme Parks – trying to feel like a kid again, theme parks offers rides, prize booths and enough junk food to consume your cheat days for the whole year. But do conserve your energy for the more fun and games after, surely you don’t want to miss that! Apir!

Source: 123HappyBirthday

6. In House Delight – Stay-cation anyone? With the traffic situation getting worst everyday, no body will fault you if you chose to stay inside your home and spice things up. You can cook dinner, she would be your bartender, the options and ideas for role reversals are endless and all in the comfort and privacy of your home. Just dont hit the FB live button.

Source: Firefly Daily

7. Hotels and Motels – Offers the same privacy and comfort of home without anybody in your side of the family ever knowing what you’re up to. Plus the convenience of room service and cleaning after the fireworks have exploded.

Source: The Daily Edge

8. The Beach – wanting that waves sounds in the background of you romantic dinner? Then head to the beach! The calming sound of the water will surely light up the date and put the best things in perspective. A time alone with each other with nature, naks!

Source: Couple Blog

There you have it, or did we miss a spot? Hit us below to share your ideas or experience. Cheers!

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