The Aftermath: A Five-Point Survival Guide to the Post-Drinking Binge

How to ease the post-drinking suffering.

Regret always comes too late when you decide to have some fun and the “Ilang shots lang sakin, sandali lang tayo lalabas” turns into a whole night of mindlessly guzzling alcohol. Caught up in the moment, you’ll mostly get your due the morning after. So instead of futilely wallowing in remorse, here are some tips to get through that horrific hangover.

1 . This is the crucial thing to remember before, during, and after drinking since alcohol makes the drinker expel water through peeing. Have a glass of water as before bed and another one as soon as you get up. Consuming electrolyte-laden products like sports drinks also help by replacing lost water and salts in the body, just be mindful of the sugar content.

2. Watch what you eat. Recommended eats for the morning after are:

Grilled chicken – if you want to get something light but filling, this is the dish for you

Eggs – rich in amino acids and cysteine, it helps break down the headache-causing chemicals from the alcohol. Remember to opt for less greasy egg dishes to avoid an upset stomach.

Bananas – get some potassium the morning after you’ve depleted your supply

Miso Soup – the warm broth rehydrates and replenishes sodium levels in the body while fermented miso helps with digestion

In addition to water and popular electrolyte-rich drinks, coconut water will do a lot of good in helping you get back on your feet.

3. Consider the wonders of your spice rack. Add a bit of spice to your meal and drink by adding cumin, cinnamon, and turmeric. Cumin is traditionally used to ease digestive issues, nausea, and morning sickness while cinnamon helps raise blood sugar levels and is very rich in antioxidants. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that will help the body recover from the effects of the alcohol.

4. Pop a multivitamin. Load up on the vitamins you’ve lost by taking in a dose in the morning. In fact, popping one before and after your drinking spree will do you a favor.

5. Careful with the ibuprofen. Depending on the person taking it, ibuprofen can either lessen the unpleasantness of a hangover or worsen it by inducing side effects such as nausea and stomach pain.

So there we go. The next time you find yourself with a case of post-drinking suffering, pull up this page and look through the pointers we’ve provided. Look forward to milder morning afters. Cheers!

By: Kat Cabasan

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