Tips to Look Bright and Fresh Even With a Hangover


Check out these easy remedies for the post-party look.

Partying it up with friends is always a fun way of bonding and catching up. However, para sa karamihan ng madla, after the party comes a tired look that practically announces to the world that you’ve been out drinking but here you are, trying your best to be a productive human being. Kayod-kayod ulit para may pamparty, ganern.

Generally, the eyes and the skin bear the telltale marks of exhaustion. So, to achieve a well-rested look, yung kunwari hindi ka nagwalwal the night before, focus must be given to make the eyes and skin look brighter and less tired. Here’s how to do it:

Clean your face thoroughly. Wash well with preferred facial wash or soap and water. Make sure no make-up, oil, or grime is left. Let your skin breathe.

Slather on some moisturizer to revive your skin. It will also relieve that stretched feeling you get when skin gets dry and caked with dirt.

Get two chamomile tea bags, moisten them, and pop them into the freezer. Put them over your eyes for a couple of minutes or until the swelling goes down. In the absence of teabags, two very cold metal spoons will do fine. Put them on the skin under your eyes to eliminate the puffiness.

Keep the body hydrated. Drink a lot of water to make up for liquids you’ve lost and to help the body recover faster. This can do wonders for a tired appearance.

Get as much rest as possible. Grab a cat nap here and there. While there are little cheats to look well-rested, nothing still beats the real thing so take small breaks whenever you can.

By: Kat Cabasan


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