Bakit mahirap hinde magyosi pag-umiinom?

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Hayyy buhay… sumunod nalang para sa pagbabago… cheers!

On May 17th of this year, Philippine Executive Order 26 was issued by President Rodrigo Duterte to impose a nationwide banned on smoking in all public places in the country. Yes, mga repa, pati mga inuman spot, tambayan places at areas malapit sa mga watering holes natin bawal na mag-yosi.

Magdiwang na lahat ng di nagyoyosi!!! Kaso bakit ba ang hirap hinde magyosi habang umiinom?

1. Smoking is addictive.

If you’ve been smoking too many and too long, it’s really a struggle. Nicotine is one of the most addictive chemical there is known to man. And, you my friend, is hooked like a fish in a line. You just cant help it. Its a mannerism you just cant quit without guidance, sacrifice and determination.

2. Smoking is your way of life.

For stressful careers like marketing, sales and the like, smoking has been ingrained into its history. You feel relaxed with it with a cold beer. The company you have during these supposed respite from the chaos also smokes, therefore it feels right.

3. Smoking is a sense of acceptance and belonging-ness.

Human beings that we are, (last time i check, i was still considered as one) we love the feeling of acceptance and treasure the moments when we feel we belong in a group. That there is this energy of connection. Nothing illustrates this more when na-yoyosi ka na and you go out of to smoke. You forgot your lighter, and standing beside you is another smoker, all lit up and relaxing away. You asked for a light and he obliges. No one cares where you from, who you are and what you do but you strike up a conversation nonetheless. At the end of that talk, you have an acquaintance, a few more of these moments and you have a friend.

4. Smoking is some what affordable than a pulutan.

One thing that makes smoking indispensable sa inuman is that mahal ang pulutan sa club. That’s why kumakain ka muna sa bahay o sa fast food before maki-gimik sa club. Libre naman din ang sumipol (gin-sipol), kaso whats the fun in that?

With the up coming Tax Reform Law about to take effect next year, more and more will  try to quit, take an alternative brand or go on vaping instead. Smoking is a choice and we are not forcing anyone to do it. Our advice is just follow the law.  If you need to smoke, do it in smoking areas. At the end of the day, it’s a vice, what you do to your body is your right. Cheers!

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