Did Lolo DRANK ALL that Rhum? #TanduayLolo

This video will really shookt you to your core…

The Holidays has official ended with the celebration of the Three Kings, and as much as we want to prolong the celebrations, life has a trick or two to bring us to reality; e.g. bills! But just before we kill all that cool christmassy vibes, we found this video of a grandpa playing with his bottles.

The video was taken by March Senajon Ferrari of  Lolo Melecio Zombrano in Bukidnon. For his age, the old timer can still play quite well and can still hammer some Christmas tunes out of his Taduay Lapad bottles filled with water. Check him out on the videos below.

And since the month of hearts are just around the corner, the #TanduayLolo played some love songs. According to Ms. Ferrari’s post, she is trying to help the talented Lolo get some much needed assistance. Lolo Melencio lives in Maramag Purok 10 South, Bukidnon, if anyone of you guys wants to share their blessing to this old school performer may send it to his address. He lives decently in a small hut. Cheers!

Videos by: March Senajon Ferrari

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