Mahaba-habang Beer Holidays… I-set nyo na!

Wag panay drawing mga tropa, kulayan nyo na yan! I-set nyo na ang mga beer holidays and inuman-outaways!

Our friends from Tripzilla has hooked us up with a calendar featuring 13 long weekends for the 2018 year, and it will only cost us 3 days leave. There’s nothing worse than burning unnecessary sick leaves because of hangover. Even worse is the pain in our pockets whenever we misappropriate our funds for so-so drink sessions that makes us miss on the epic inuman-outaways. There will be 10 regular holidays, 8 special (non-working) holidays to maximize our work-life-play balance.

They say that you plan to fail if you fail to plan, so hit those calendars hard and unleash the party animal in you. Book those office leaves before anyone else from the company get notice. And if you plan to drink outside Metro Manila, check out great trip plans at TRIPZILLA.PH. Cheers!

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