10 Simple Best Jobs in the World

SOBRANG panalo ng number 4…

Some jobs are hard and because of it’s difficulty you get paid big wads of cash. Some are unique while others requires a skill set not everyone have. We found a video enumerating 10 simple jobs that almost anyone can do and to some extent get paid well enough to live a good life.

  1. Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Guru – you get to create new flavors of ice cream
  2. Private Island Caretaker – House seating a gorgeous tropical island
  3. Water Slide Tester – you get to test new water slide attractions
  4. Jack Daniel’s Tester – Drinking on the job is a must
  5. Netflix Tagger – Binge watching movies, tv shows and new releases…sweet!
  6. Fortune Cookie Writer – No deadlines here just keep on writing…
  7. Google Trike Street View Team Member – #bikeislife goals unlocked!
  8. Panda Nanny – Cuteness Overload! Any animal lover’s dream job!
  9. Luxury Bed Tester – Sleeping on the job is a must!\
  10. Video Game Tester – Play the newest games and help get rid of bugs
  11. Pulutan/Inuman Master – That’s my job, I get paid to eat and drink

For more info about the first 10 on the list watch the video below. All work has its ups and downs, so whatever job you might have just be passionate about it and love it, the trick is by maximizing the positives while eliminating the negatives! Cheers!


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