Bacon Anaconda Challenge

Two Feet long Shrimp Burrito wrapped with bacon… BAMMM!

We dont know how these women do it, but they just do. We did an article about Molly Schuyler a few months ago: 6KG steaks in 20 minutes. This only proves two things: One, Matakaw talaga ang mga babae and Two, mas matakaw ang payat kaysa mataba! HAHAHA…

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We found this video of crazy Raina Huang who’s going for the Bacon Anaconda Challenge. Two feet long Burrito (on this case, Shrimp) in 40 mins. The burrito is stuffed with shrimp, rice, beans, avocado, onions, cilantro…etc rolled into a burrito wrapped bacon. Apparently, Raina just came from another food challenge on the same day. Jezz, this skinny women… they sure knows how to eat. Cheers!

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