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BeerGin pa ba Tayo?


If you know what I’m talking about, then you just might not be one…

Mixing hard liquor and beer is not something we invented yesterday, it has been done since, well, man has gotten its hold of the two drinks. In the Philippines, the oldest are Ginebra Gin and San Miguel Pale Pilsen, it was said that our very own national hero had drunk this drinks when he was still alive. Now, that’s Old School.

BeerGin is a mixture of Beer and Gin, what word scorcery is this. The combo that will definitely erase your memory. To update the classic, we used Tiger Black Beer 6.9% ABV and Ginebra Premium Gin 35% ABV. Pour beer on mug,  leave space for the gin shot. Pour a shot of gin in the shot glass. Drop shot glass into the mug, down that beer in one go. Whoah! Drop that shot glass into the mug… Whoa… Drop that shot glass.. Whoah! Cheers!


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