Let’s all support Bibay of Bibay’s LongganiSarap!

How it all started

It was my family’s favorite since ‘92 2. Bibay was my childhood nickname kasi I was a cute little biik baby 🙂



Got stuck in the house for over 3 months due to CQ with having no income, so I thought of why not try online selling? And poof! Bibay’s Longganisarap started! 🙂


What’s your favorite thing about your establishment?

“Solido yung longganisa, hindi lumiliit. Legit na masarap.” as stated by most of our customers


What Pulutan or dishes would you recommend to first-timers and why?

I would go for both of my variants so that my kainumans have options. Garlic longganisa and Sweet longganisa ftw!


How about the drinks? 😁 What would you recommend to first-timers and why?

Whiskey person here! Jack & Coke I guess!


Where are you located?

Pasig and Cainta


Operating Hours and How To Order

Reg working hours / You may send us a message on Facebook/ IG to place your orders 🙂


Facebook Page

  • https://www.facebook.com/bibayslongganisarap
  • https://www.instagram.com/bibayslongganisarap