Oh my Cheesus!: Trying Kko Kko’s Cheese Fondue

Kung sa crush mo naglaway ka, dito pa kaya?

Since Korean food is all over the internet, we got curious and tried one of the restaurants that offers the famous Korean chicken — Kko Kko. We ordered their famous Cheese Fondue which includes the chicken tossed in their special oh-my-garlic sauce, and cheesy and original fries. I swear, di ka ma di-disappoint. The cheese is so good and gooey, we even tried measuring kung gaano kahaba ang kaya ng cheese, which resulted to multiple failed attempts kasi napuputol sya. Hahaha.

Swak na swak para sa valentines date together with your bae. Pero kung wala kang syota, pwede ka rin dito, mas cheesy pa nga ang Kko Kko kesa sa mga pick up lines na binitawan ng bumitaw sa’yo. So don’t be mad, don’t be sad, Kko Kko will be there for you.

We also tried their Fried Mandoo (dumplings), isa ring legit na dish ‘to. Di ka magsisisi, tulad ng pagsisisi na ginagawa ngayon ng ex mo. And the last one that we ordered is the Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu. Pinagsamang tamis at asim, lambot at kunat, at lamig sa bibig para sa nagbabaga nyong suyuan. If you got a bit umay because of all the cheese that you devoured beforehand, this will somehow neutralize the flavors in your mouth. Kko kko is 10 out of 10 for flavor and I’m sure we’ll be coming back. Check our this video of out quick trip to Kko Kko:


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