April Fool’s Prank backfires… Oh this is so goooooood…

We found this video of Sous Vide Everything’s cook Guco pulling a prank on his two other buddies in their youtube channel. Below are the ingredients.

HOW TO COOK PORK TENDERLOIN SOUS VIDE I cooked it for 2:30hrs @ (149°F / 65°C) * INGREDIENTS * I used for this sous vide cook. Very High Quality Pork Tenderloin Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta and Ginger Ale Salt, pepper, garlic powder.

Sous vide cooking is a technique in which niluluto yung ingredients, typically meats, in a slow and constant low temperature. There are cooking appliances for such a technique but since di naman tayo lahat yayamanin, just cook the meat in low and slow. Patience is a virtue. They say it will make the meat more tender, juicy and flavorful. Do you think the prank at least worked? Watch the video! Cheers!