Why Girls Should Ask Guys Out

Aside from… Its about damn time…

What puzzles us the most is that with a strong campaign for women empowerment and feminism, this issue still lingers on.

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We found this video about women asking men out and we like her 3 points: What’s the worst that could happen? Time and last but not the least is Missed Opportunities. The way we see it, mababawasan ang mga hugot posts mo sa Fb, twitter and IG with you just trying to get what you want. Most men are scared of asking women pa naman, and those that are more braver than others are the ones that you really don’t want to be asking you. Kilala mo naman sila. Sila yung mga FABULOUS Boys! So step out a lil bit of your comfort zone, it doesn’t mean that i-susurender mo na agad ang Bataan, think about it this might be the year you change that single status and finally start using that #couplegoals! Cheers!

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