Your Most Anticipated Recipe, FINALLY REVEALED!!!

Here’s Our Slow Cooked Cebu Style Lechon Belly Recipe…


1.5kg pork belly bone in

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup pepper, cracked

3 stalks Lemon grass, smashed and twisted

1 garlic head, smashed

4 bay-leaf leaves

Water na kasya ilubog yung meat

To prep the meat:

-Saksakin ng knife or tinidor yung balat ng pork (wag isipin si ex baka maging giniling)

-Tanggalin din yung bone kung meron

-Ilagay sa isang malaking container ang pork with all the ingredients, ibabad at least over night or for good measure a day or two.. (we did our pork for 5days)

-Keep it refrigerated up to the time of cooking..

Cooking instructions:

-Take the meat and ilagay lahat sa gitna ang mga ingredients( bay-leaf, lemon grass, garlic..etc) and lock tight the whole meat in a roll with butchers’ twine

-Preheat your oven/turbo broiler to 150 Celsius for 5mins

-Place the pork at the center and set it at 175 Celsius for 1hr

-After 1hr check the meat, if its still not golden brown at crispy hit the heat up to 200 and flipped the meat on the other side for 30mins

-As finishing touch, flip again the meat on the original position, up the heat to 250 Celsius for 15mins till the skin crisps and golden

-Before serving rest the meat for 10mins..

Share your creations with this recipe with us, Enjoy! Cheers!

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