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12 Products For Beer Lovers


If you love your cerveza, then you’re going to go gaga over these products…

Bottoms Up Beer System – automatic beer tap system that pushes the beer upwards

Image result for bottoms up beer dispenser

Cooler Cannon – shoots you a fresh cold one in a snap

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Suzy Beer Mitt – keeps your hands warm while your beer stays cold.

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Pop the Top Automatic Bottle Opener – hassle free one movement bottle opener

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Hopfenhohle – underground beer cooler with a 15 bottle capacity

Image result for hopfenhöhle lift

SpinChill – spins your warm beer bottle or can to perfect cold temp fast

Image result for spinchill

Thompson Woodworks Chair Beer Dispenser – 6 can capacity beer dispenser you can sit on.

Image result for thompson woodworks beer chair

HOPii – machine that allows you to brew up to 12 different flavors of craft beer 

Image result for HOPii

SixOverOne – a six pack can go bottle opener

Image result for six over one

Fizzics Waytap – personal beer that uses sound waves to make the beer foamy

Image result for fizzics

GrOpener – opens a bottle of beer in one hand

Image result for gropener

Stubby Strip – beer carrier and cooler in one, holds up to 7 bottles

Image result for stubby strip

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