Top 10 Election Related Inuman Topics

First of all, just to set the record straight, we’re not officially endorsing any candidate for the upcoming Philippines presidential elections of 2016. Naks! HAha.  We just share what catches our attention and what we think you guys will enjoy talking about tonight while you relax with the drink of your choice.

So let’s begin.  Top 10 topics that literally got us to experience San Mig Lights “Mahaba habang inuman” (we’re not sponsored, but we’re open to it Boss San Miguel!)

  1. Most recent: Duterte’s BPI Bank Accounts that are being questioned by Trillanes..
  2. Follow up topic.. bank secrecy law and BPI’s official statement that it’s impossible to acquire that information without their knowledge (Trillanes’ camp allegedly has transaction records and exact addresses – pretty scary)
  3. Poe’s husband punching Chiz daw for the missing 300M campaign fund.. ask Heart?
  4. Mar on the famous Yolanda funds, MRT, Masasapano, etc. (eto lang hanggat umaga ka na)
  5. Poe’s Ex US Military Husband (Oooh.. CIA stuff)
  6. Miriam’s secret cancer healing pill – we’re super curious about this
  7. Binay’s source of confidence that he will win
  8. Where is Korina?
  9. When will Kris be unleashed? Medyo mahina pa eh, kulang pa
  10. Will PCOS machine make a come back on twitter

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