Election Memes That Got Us ROFL

Our Facebook walls are now flooded with “official” news, fabricated facts, reliable “sources” and so on blah blah about the upcoming 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections.  Normally we’ll scroll through it and ignore but every now and then you find some posts that keep coming back at the top of your wall.  When that happens, Facebook is basically telling us to take a look.. you’ll probably like it.

We did take a look at a few articles, got a kick out of the comments but when it came to the memes.. oh man.. someone needs to compile them good ones.  Here we are with one hand raised to volunteer to aggregate only the good ones that really stuck and made us roll on the floor laughing *ROFL*

And we promise to keep on updating it!

This 711 receipt stating Elec Roxas.. HAhaha! Kahit sa 711 may dayaan na pala!



You can’t even think of anyone else. Sorry Mr. VP. HAha. Hats off to whoever did this.



curacot man

(Photo from Politikang Ina Mo)

HAhahahaha! One of the first ones to actually go viral.  Classic!

election 2016 daan meme


(Photo from PEP.ph)


This one’s so clever we had to put it up.  At first glance.. yeah.. but read the line dude! HAhaha






Sorry for having another Mar but c’mon! Hahaha



This is just A for effort.. one of the best we’ve seen. Seamless photoshopping skillz!


Now at first glance, this isn’t funny at all.  But you guys have to see how they’re using it as a reply to comments.  Solid visual burn! Haha.



Anyway, we’ll keep this post hot as we see more.  If you have any suggestions, message us on our Facebook page! *Cheers*

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