You will soon miss these… BANG!

Ano bang tunog ng putok ni Super Lolo?  Wow, men… dati Goodbye Philippines lang, naging Goodbye World, ngayon Goodbye Universe?!

Extreme Firecrackers are now banned, well, that was the “suggestion” years ago but for some reason they have been quite serious with this administration. Bakit kaya? Fireworks are still allowed kaso hassle na masyado. Magsisindi ka lang, kailangan mo pang dumayo sa Plaza.

Most millennials would never experience the joy of getting jolted by a few Pla-pla hurled at your feet while walking or getting your house rocked a few inches to the right because your dumb drunk friend collected all the extra pulbura and wanted to be a chemist one day. We have a list of popular banned firecrackers and then some. Enjoy!

Super Lolo


Goodbye Philippines

Judas’ Belt


Fireworks and Firecrackers are awesome. It can add some sort of excitement into any celebrations but then again if youre burning money just to get a few minutes of entertainment why dont you purchases ones that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Like this one below.

Video by: Druck BomB

Keep safe, enjoy the the festivities and HAPPY NEW YEAR, mga KaPulutan! Cheers!

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