TOTOO BA? The Difficulties of Going Out When You’re in a Relationship… Our SOLUTION REVEALED!

Mahirap ba talaga mag- boys night out/girls night out pag may lovelife ka?

When someone enters into a relationship, does he/she losses his/her freedom to go out and enjoy some old school fun with the gang? Don’t ask their partners guys, you will either get an answer,  ” Of course, not!” coupled by death stares towards your friend. Let’s be honest, the road to a green light go signal to go out involves deft precision of well chosen words/answers into the labyrinth of questions your spouse, girlfriend or vice versa before you can even change your clothes or text your friends that tonight, you’re all in. Aminin natin na dumaan na tayo sa komplikadong situation na ito, at least once pre.

To help you out with this dilemma, our dedicated researchers have sought out the best solution for this need, and the good news is, they have found it. Kindly click on the link for BOYS NIGHT OUT FORM and GIRLS NIGHT OUT FORM , download, print and fill up each form and let your partner receive this as an official form of permission to go out. Surely, we believe, you will get that green light to enjoy some unsupervised fun with your friends. We will not guarantee. Cheers!


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