Home Games Ang TABA talaga ng mga Utak ng Hapon…

Ang TABA talaga ng mga Utak ng Hapon…


Boys will be boys, maski gaano ka technologically advance…

In an age, where innovation and technology is fast paced, you wonder how the rest can cope up with the process, but we guess somethings never change.

Take for instance this video we found. Japan has developed a fully viable and functional jetpack, something that a few years back was just a stuff of dreams. Guess what they first used this technologyfor? Save trapped kittens up on trees? No. Help stuck motorist in traffic jams? Nope. Aid governments fight insurgencies and terrorist? Hellnah! They had a samurai jetpack duel, and its genius! Watch the video, dito mo talaga makikita na mataba ang utak ng hapon! Astig! Cheers!


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