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Can You FINISH 4 Kgs of Pasta???


Pagtag-ulan talaga ang sarap LUMAMON!

There’s an endless ideas for food challenge in the world and specially in Japan where in they churn out fresh ideas by the truck load.

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This video we found is about a new challenge in Stamina Taro in Tokyo, Japan. A large burger patty is topped with 4 pounds of freshly cooked spaghetti, 4 thick slabs of pork belly and 4 large trunks of pork cutlet, amounting to 8.5 pounds of food. The challenge is to consume the mega dish in 30 minutes, successful challengers are rewarded Y50, 000 Japanese Yen or Php 23, 816.39, that’s more than a month’s salary. Are you up for the challenge? Cheers!

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