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Check out D’BEST Inuman Anthem EVER…..ever!


Sinong kayang tumanggi pag-niyaya ka ng ganito??! Talo pa yung Beer Batman Signal!

Minsan mahirap talaga mag-aya ng mga tropa para uminom. Everyone seems to be very busy with their lives, may it be work or school or family. Hinde nagtutugma ang schedule dagdagan pa ng traffic jam na mas faithful pa sa ex-mong di maasahan. Wag mawalan ng pag-asa try to invite them in the most malambing way and they might say yes to a couple of round of the usual stuff.

We found this video parody of Frozen, sang and written my Chico Garcia, and we think its the new way to invite your friends over to a couple of hours of unabated drinking sessions just like back in the day. Di na kinakaya ng Beer Batman Signal, baka ito mas effective. Cheers!

Video: Pinas Daily Vidz


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