Home Drink Hacks Nasa HIGH SCHOOL pa LANG naka Imbento Nito..

Nasa HIGH SCHOOL pa LANG naka Imbento Nito..


Going for a few “rounds” suddenly meant another thing…

This new version of the much popular Beer Pong gives homage to Golf, guess you cant shout “Kobeeee” or “Curryyyyy” with this one.

A High School named Cade Cassidy invented this Beer Pong Golf board and it was instantaneously a hit in tailgates, allowing this kid to earn serious money by offering it in KickStarter. Almost the same rules apply with beer pong but with these you can improve your golf swing and short game. So if you’re not a fan of basketball but idolizes Tiger Woods, you might want to order this game and start shouting … FOREEEE! Cheers!

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