No Detail is SO SMALL… Paper Airplane Skill Lvl 999999

Walang sinabi ang eroplanong batman mo dito pre…

In this fast paced world, some details are sometimes sacrificed in order to deliver results as quick as possible. Passion and dedication has always been twin traits needed for success.

We found this video of Luca Iaconi-Stewart as he was featured in Wired, and what he does is truly amazing. His passion for his craft is unparalleled and his dedication is unmatched. Each detail of this paper aircraft is made by his hand with only manila folder, clue and a cutter. He was also commissioned by Singapore Airlines to do their “No detail so small” campaign. Each cut, each fold is precision, no wonder that people is always left in awe whenever he shows pictures of this masterpiece.  His technique is impeccable and does deserve the admiration he gets from his fans that are captivated by each assemble he finish. Can we show the same level of passion and dedication is whatever we do? Cheers!


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