Home Food This Burger costs more than your 13th Month Pay…

This Burger costs more than your 13th Month Pay…


Pasok mga suki… Presyong Divi… Vegas pala!

We found this video of a burger that costs serious moolah. How serious? Five Big Ones, Baby! At the rate of P50 (more or less) to a dollar, each Fleurburger 5000 would set you back by P250,000 or a quarter million pesos. Now that’s rich, but the chef who makes it says its actually a bargain. Chef Hubert of the Royal Mandalay Bay in Vegas elaborates the ingredients of his burger.

Wagyu Beef, $100 (P5,000) per pound

Foie Gras (duck liver) $45 (P2,250) per pound,

Rare Black Truffles from France $1,500 (P75,000) per pound

Petrus ’95 Bordeaux Wine $6,000 (P300,000) per bottle

Each purchase comes with the empty bottle of the expensive Petrus wine and the crystal wine glasses as your souvenir . Ikaw tropa, sulit ba to para sa 13th month pay mo? Hit us with your comments and reactions on the comments below. Cheers!

Video by: Secret Lives of the Super Rich


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