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This is what P54,000++ Dinner Look Like…


Whoever wins the lotto can surely afford this dinner…

With the Philippine Lotto 6/58 prize hitting record breaking highs, P750 MILLION as of this article, its time we see a glimpse of what we can afford if we win that jackpot.

This video we found is about a meal which is a little bit affordable, IF you win that jackpot. But for mere mortals that earns a basic salary, this is astronomical. At P54,000++, this is somewhat a two months salaries worth. The meal had plenty of courses and is well paired with booze, white and red wine on this video. Though it may seem that the portioning was more suitable for cats, small portions, we sensed that it packs a hell of a punch in flavors and textures. Its easy to detect if the two couple in the video were faking it, this is food so that outburst of emotions, facial reactions and orgasmic outcries are 100% for us legit. Not to mention that the ingredients they have utilized and the skills involve in creating this masterpiece is Michelin Star worthy. Would you pay this amount to experience this meal, or does winning the lottery a step one before indulging this? Cheers!

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