“You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy wine! All you need to know is: I like it or I like it not.”

– Wolfgang Kneidinger, Sommelier of Palais Coburg Residenz Vienna, Austria.

That’s a collection worth Php 1,050,000,000… sa dami ng zero, malulula ka sa presyo… But what does this collection have that other’s dont?

Welcome to Palais Coburg in Vienna, Austria. It has 6 wine cellars of expensive wine. It is the second largest collection in Europe. Each Cellar as a theme to describe what you can taste inside; France, New World, Old World, Yquem, Champagne and Rare Wines. Visitors are accompanied by professional wine expert to have a better grasp of what they have to taste in the wine tasting.

The most expensive wine they have sold is a Six-litre Bottle of La Tour 1961 Imperial for 170,000 EURO or a little over Php10.5 Million. That’s Php 3.8 Million more than the recorded in Okada last New Year 2018. ┬áThe collection goes back to 1727, a Resling that is up to now is DRINKABLE after almost three centuries. The collection currently has 50,000 bottles.